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It was a very difficult time because in a matter of seconds I had lost my family and become single mom.  Without a dime in a foreign country it was very difficult and I ended up homeless, drug addicted and a alcoholic. I was lost and didn’t know how to get myself back on track. In October 21st, 2009 I had an encounter with God. I was invited to a Christian group and that day I let my old self die and I chose to be reborn. I let God take control of my life and started serving Him. Everything I started doing from that day on I was doing it for Him and then suddenly everything started changing for me. I left all my addictions and was able to see my path ahead clearly.


My father is a business person and I believe I got my passion for business from him. I started my cleaning business and quickly had so many customers that I couldn’t take care of by myself. I hired personnel and formally organized my business to be able to take in bigger accounts. I was super excited when I was able to get the contracts with Related Group, Event Star, Barry Bonds, Anquan Boldin, Jeff Swartz, Taittenger Family, Turnberry, Hollywood Actors, Singers, NBA, NFL, MLB players, etc. I was then contacted to be in two seasons of Real Housewives of Miami with Lisa Hochstein and my testimony was aired on national TV. At this moment, I own 5 businesses in Miami. The reason I ended up in Knoxville TN is because I found love and I decided to expand my business here.



My Business concept is beautiful and very different than other cleaning companies. I don’t believe in the Rotation System. We will always clean every corner of your house. We always come to your house with a big smile and great energy.


We never work by the hour and we won’t leave your house until the job is completely done. Our process is to clean your house deep and detailed from top to bottom. We move furniture and clean inside all appliances every time we visit your home. We also clean the back and front porch windows. It is important to walk the extra mile for our clients. When you show that you are responsible, dedicated and that you do everything with love and passion, that’s when you make a name for yourself. A business with a good reputation is always the best letter of recommendation. I hope to serve you soon and remember Anything is Possible in Daysy’s World

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